Protecting animal welfare

To enable better outcomes for patients, owners and veterinary teams, we have a number of welfare initiatives, focusing on achieving positive outcomes in difficult situations. 

They include the Non-Accidental Injury support network, support for prosecutions, working with animal welfare organisations and the IVC Evidensia Care Fund.

General Welfare Support

We have a welfare team in place who support UK veterinary teams with any animal welfare concern they may come across while working in practice. 

This can apply to small animal, exotics, farm or equine, ensuring no matter what species or location, all vet professionals receive the right support when they need it.

Whether it is a difficult case or a problem interacting with a welfare charity, the team are on hand for all IVC Evidensia veterinary staff to get in touch with, using a centralised email address which is monitored 24/7.

In addition, there are a number of casework guides that can be accessed by vets to help them with dealing with very specific cases, with topics including Mutilations and Non-Accidental Injury.

NAI Support Network

The NAI support initiative was first launched in November 2020, as a resource that IVC Evidensia staff could use when dealing with Non-Accidental Injury cases in practice. 

Spearheaded by David Martin, Group Veterinary Welfare Advisor, it originally consisted of a series of posters and webinars educating staff and raising awareness of complicated cases during the pandemic, when statistics for domestic violence were on the rise.

Now it is a dedicated support network that has grown from its internal launch to support IVC Evidensia staff in 2020, and is now available for all veterinary teams across the UK to utilise, especially if they require confidential support .

Support for Prosecutions

When veterinary professionals are asked to be involved with court proceedings involving animal welfare, our team can provide vital support.

This can go a long way in assisting organisations such as the RSPCA, SSPCA and Trading Standards in securing prosecutions where animal cruelty or neglect has occurred. The support available covers the appropriate forensic approach to the case, statement writing and (where necessary) court appearance. 

The welfare team have been involved in countless prosecutions and their expert advice assists our clinicians in undertaking what is often the most rewarding work of their careers.

Animal Welfare Organisations

We work tirelessly with animal welfare organisations and charities for the betterment of the patients committed to our care. 

This involves developing resources and support for our teams to enable a streamlined approach to charity work, including assistance in identifying which charity can support a client in any specific circumstance.