For Vet Nurse Awareness Month...

We couldn't be prouder of our nurses. Across our global network, every day, our RVNs each make a vital contribution to the care we provide to our patients. Their journeys might look different, but all are a key part of our supportive community, dedicated to excellence in animal care. 

For Vet Nursing Awareness Month 2024, we've created a video that sums up how important, varied and valued the role of a veterinary nurse is. Our goal was also to showcase the variety of pathways and opportunities available to a vet nurse. Summing up that experience, we came upon a phrase that will be familiar to anyone who's spent time around a nursing team "I'm a vet nurse...of course I can".
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Latest vet nursing news:

Our vet nurses make such a positive contribution to the success of their individual practices and IVC Evidensia as a veterinary group. That means we have plenty of great stories to report on, many of which featuring the amazing stories of successful vet nurses who have received awards, have excelled in their careers or have simply been an instrumental part of their practice team.

Take a look at our news stories from across the group or alternatively, have a read below at a few highlighted stories of vet nurses being incredible.

Top pet weight management award for Middlesborough Veterinary Nurse

A veterinary nurse from White Cross Vets in Coulby Newham, who has helped improve the health and welfare of hundreds of local pets through her weight loss clinics, has been presented with a prestigious national award in recognition of her efforts.

Amy Hood won the Managing Weight with Excellence 2023 Award at The British Veterinary Nursing Association’s (BVNA) annual congress, which is the biggest veterinary nursing event in the UK...
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Debbie Culley celebrates 50 years as a Vet Nurse

As she reaches fifty years as a veterinary nurse in 2023, Debbie Culley has a lot to reflect on as she discusses her experiences and what brought her to this point in her career. 

After starting her training in 1973, Debbie passed her final exam in 1975, which established her as a Registered Animal Nursing Auxiliary (RANA). She even has her original certificate from 1975 (pictured). She went on to occupy many other nursing positions during her successful career including Pet Health Advisor...
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Get started with the IVC Evidensia Nurse Academy

We're dedicated to empowering vet nurses to thrive both clinically and professionally. From support for professional development, and training programs to mentorship opportunities, we're committed to helping our vet nurses achieve their goals. We offer diverse pathways and opportunities, whether you're passionate about surgery, dentistry, exotics, or radiology, and much more - there's a place for you to excel and make a difference.

Our Nurse Academy provides a unique opportunity for newly qualified nurses to join a structured 12-month CPD programme. 
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Considering a career as a veterinary nurse?

Veterinary nurses are highly skilled, compassionate, and valued members of our veterinary teams.

The role of an RVN is vital in ensuring the well-being of the animals in the care of a hospital or practice. Nurses do incredible work supporting the treatment and care of animals, using their specialised skills and knowledge in their work, every single day.

Nurses support owners and offer advice on all aspects of animal care. It’s a truly rewarding career where you can really see the positive impact that your work has on animals and their families. Often you’ll be the one caring for an animal throughout its journey with the practice or hospital, and helping to ensure the best possible outcome for that patient with your work.
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