What's it like to be part of IVC Evidensia?

Amber Christie and Suzanne McNabb

The team at Neighbourhood Vets

David Stockton

Vet & Former Practice Owner at Chapelfield Vets

Practices of all shapes and sizes

The diversity of practices within IVC Evidensia couldn’t be broader. From multidisciplinary referral centres, to mixed practices, single sites and large groups. We are proud to support practices of all shapes and sizes, and even more so that they support one another, staying true to our values of “We care, we dare, we share”, resonating with so many of who have joined us.

“Our practice had humble beginnings 14 years ago. From a converted cow shed with one receptionist, one nurse, and us, we now employ 33 people.

We were getting to the size where we felt we needed help. We wanted to make sure the practice continued to be a part of the community in Bekesbourne, for the staff and the clients, should anything happen to us. We had friends who had joined IVC Evidensia and we felt that the group’s ethos was the best fit for the practice long-term.

During the transition, we found everyone we dealt with more than lovely – very helpful and approachable. We now have the benefits included with being a part of IVC Evidensia, like great staff benefits and buying power that affords more competitive prices, that we didn’t have access to as a small business, while still being able to run the practice and make the best clinical decisions for our clients.”

Rachel McMeeking BVSc CertVA MRCVS & Rob McMeeking BVSc MRCVS, Bourne Vets
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Farm Vets in IVC Evidensia

With the largest footprint of practices across the UK our farm vet community continues to grow and flourish.

“Three years ago I never thought we’d join a large veterinary group. Frankly, as a farm vet, I wasn’t sure Independent Vetcare, as they were then, was even the right fit for a mixed practice that was nearly 50% large animal work.

To date I have no regrets. Farm practices such as ours have been welcomed into the group and been given the opportunity to help shape the future of large animal veterinary care at IVC Evidensia. 

My advice to other practices that have joined… get involved in as many things as possible, you’ll get to know so many people. The culture is, that good ideas are shared, and even improved upon with the help of the support staff. I’m sure we are in a better place today than we would have been on our own or with a different large group.”

Owain Jenkins BSc BVSc DBR MRCVS, Delaware Veterinary Group
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Equine Vets in IVC Evidensia

"Running a business on your own can be lonely. The problems that our industry faces in terms of staff retention, recruitment and career development as well as the everyday issues of HR, payroll, debtors etc., all sit firmly in our laps as partners or owners. We chose to join IVC Evidensia as I believe that working collaboratively can help find solutions to these issues.

Our Business Support Manager from IVC Evidensia has been brilliant. The Regional Veterinary Manager and Group Veterinary Advisors have been phenomenal. As an equine vet myself, the equine community here has been incredibly useful. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is, whatever your question, there is someone within the community who will answer. There is also the Equine Advisory Board – a group of 10 people, all working vets, who offer the opportunity for sharing and collaborative work, all pushing the company in the same direction.

I see IVC Evidensia as an organisation that understands it needs to move and grow to help produce the next generation of excellent vets, and that its greatest asset in that aim is its people. Since joining IVC Evidensia I am hopeful and inspired. I am part of Team Equine which is building a brilliant community that I can turn to for support."
Mark Tabachnik BVM&S BSc CertEP PGCertVBM MRCVS, Clinical Director - Wright & Morten
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