Lower urinary tract trauma

Lower urinary tract trauma is a common sequel to external trauma, and unfortunately also iatrogenic injury. This session will review the diagnostic techniques, provide tips on avoiding iatrogenic injury and run through some case examples to consider treatment options.

Wednesday 9th June, 2pm - book here

Wednesday 16th June, 9am - book here

Principles of oncological surgery

This session will review the ways in which we assess neoplasms that are suitable for surgical treatment, using appropriate cases.  It’s always worthwhile to step back from our own clinical approaches and compare them to underlying principles, and this is a good example.

Wednesday 9th June, 9am - book here

Wednesday 16th June, 2pm - book here

Mammary tumours

Treatment of mammary tumours in cats and dogs is primarily surgical, but significant questions remain around which surgery is appropriate and the role of additional treatments.  We will review these dilemmas and develop a plan based on the evidence and the wellbeing of the patient.

Wednesday 23rd June, 2pm - book here

Wednesday 30th June, 9am - book here

Skin flaps

Skin closure after trauma or oncological surgery often requires creation of skin flaps. This session will review the types of flap, including random pattern flaps and axial pattern flaps, and the situations in which they are useful.

Wednesday 23rd June, 9am - book here

Wednesday 30th June, 2pm - book here