Always a Vet Nurse

For Vet Nurse Awareness Month 2023 we created a video celebrating vet nurses and the varied roles that they take on during their careers. It starts with the line, “I am so much more than just a vet nurse”.

Footage included in the video features many vet nurses within the IVC Evidensia family describing their specific roles, which include being a Clinical Manager, a Farm Tech, a Referrals Nurse, a Student Nurse, and ECC Nurse, a Consulting Nurse, an Equine Nurse and a Mental Health First Aider.

The hope is that the video will shine a light on all the roles that vet nurses occupy, including being a “a clinician, a friend, a mentor, a coach, a leader, an innovator, a lifesaver.”

Empowering vet nurses

Our veterinary teams across the UK can only deliver an exceptional standard of care by utilising the local experience and unique skillset of our veterinary nurses.

The Nurse board is designed to empower vet nurses by giving them access to learning opportunities, encouraging career development and ensuring they have everything they need to deliver first-class care.