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Expert insights: our presence at London Vet Show 2023

Alongside the successful launch of our new partnership with RUMA CA&E, there was a packed schedule of talks on the IVC Evidensia stage. For this year’s London Vet Show, the talks on the IVC Evidensia stage were split across two days, with speakers sharing their thoughts on a variety of topical subjects on day one, and detailed sessions from our referrals clinicians on day two.

Speakers this year included Daniella Dos Santos, Laura Playforth, Sayaka Okushima, Sarah Heath, David Martin and Richard Sinclair on the first day, and David Owen, Julia Sargent, Jacques Ferreira and Harry Swales on day two, amongst many others.

Conference programme 2023

Antimicrobial resistance digital toolkit

The responsible use of veterinary medicines and the ongoing efforts to highlight the threat of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) are vital to the veterinary profession. We've teamed up with RUMA CA&E to produce a social media toolkit, available to the entire profession, to help educate on antibiotic usage and companion animals. 

By using these social media assets, whether on personal social media accounts, or via an account representing your veterinary practice, you'll be helping to ensure this topic is getting the necessary coverage and attention it needs amongst pet owners and veterinary professionals across the UK. 
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Find out more

We had a great time at the London Vet Show, sharing with the profession about the work of our incredible, team members, the brilliant career opportunities we have on offer, and what makes IVC Evidensia a really special place to work - as well as news and skill-sharing from our ever-expanding referrals network.