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We offer you the opportunity to work in a way that fits you, right from the start.

We know how important balance is, so we offer the chance to change your working style, while still giving the same amazing opportunities and support for professional development.

You can work flexibly from day one – whatever the reason, it’s your decision.
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The future is flexible

The landscape of the working world has changed massively in the last few years, with different approaches to work becoming more common, and a greater acceptance of the fact that a genuine work/life balance means making real accommodations for the ‘life’ part of the equation. Flexible working supports the most diverse and representative version of our workforce possible. It enables people to work around their responsibilities, there are many different reasons people may want to work flexibly, and all are valid.

Your well-being at work is a fundamental priority for us, and we know that being able to work in a way that works for you is directly linked to lower stress levels and better well-being.

At IVC Evidensia we care about all our colleagues and want to ensure that we are doing everything to support you to work in a way that works for you, while still offering the same great progression and development opportunities.

What our team members say:

The balance of my life is great. I really enjoy my work, and then I leave and go home, and I have the energy and the mental capacity to focus on my life. I can spend time doing the stuff with the kids and be a mum to them. I love having the time and also energy to do it. It's wonderful.”

- Alison King, European Specialist in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging at Vets Now

Being supported to work flexibly allows us the time to pursue our hobbies and interests and spend time with our families and our animals.”

  – Helen Smith, vet with Hay Vet Group

“We understand that every candidate is different and although we are a part of their life, their life is not just their career.”

  – Mike Burrell, Talent Partner


Flexibility can refer to the number of hours worked, when those hours are worked, and where work is done.
Someone looking to change to a different working style may want to reduce their hours and work part-time, they may want to compress their hours, or they may want to spend some time working remotely on tasks that do not require them to be physically present at the practice or hospital
At IVC Evidensia we offer the opportunity to adapt your working pattern to suit your needs from day one. We go above and beyond; there’s no eligibility requirement to meet, we just want to support you to work in the best way for you and your well-being.

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The facts:

A 2021 survey found that 44% of vets would like to work more flexibly

The British Veterinary Association describe having the option to work flexibly as a key part of being a ‘Good Veterinary Workplace’.

We offer the chance to ask for flexible working arrangements from day one

Life at IVC Evidensia

As Europe’s leading veterinary care provider, we offer unrivalled opportunities for both clinical and non-clinical career journeys.

We believe that people do their best work when they feel comfortable, nurtured and valued. Our aim is to train our staff members to be the best in their field and excel in their career.

Our team members are our greatest asset - because only their skills, enthusiasm and dedication can make our vital work happen. We can offer you the opportunities you want to grow and develop, in a supportive and welcoming environment.

Our purpose is simple; healthy animals and happy owners.

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