IVC Evidensia are serious about farm

“I was looking to stabilise the future of the practice, especially with regard to farm. IVC Evidensia were creating a strong farm side to their business, and understood what farm vets needed to continue being a trusted ally and friend for farmers. They were very keen to take on a mixed practice with a strong farm department, so we decided they were the right fit for us.

They have grasped the concept that farmers and farm vets are part of a community, and with the Farm Animal Advisory Board, have set a strong and positive agenda for continuing to develop farm practice, both now and in the future. The co-operation between neighbouring IVC Evidensia practices has been a significant and extremely helpful side-effect. We help each other where we can and we have gone from being competitors to being on the same side.

It is a much more progressive, helpful environment than it ever was before, both inside the practice and out. IVC Evidensia has formed a real farm vet community with the back-up we need to continue to build long term relationships with our farmers.”

Tim Caldwell MA, VetMB, Avondale Veterinary Group

It was a no brainer

“It was October 2017 when James and Richard suggested selling the practice. Richard wanted to carve out a retirement path for himself, so we reached out to IVC Evidensia. We looked at the various options, but joining IVC Evidensia was a no-brainer. It fitted with what we wanted - to keep our independence but with the support of a well-known and respected group.

Our staff were a little apprehensive about changing from being a family run business and whilst some things did change, they soon came on board when they realised that the local team had control over the practice and they saw our practice grow and improve.

The friendliness and integration into the group was good and we get great support from our local support manager, the Farm Animal Advisory Board and Clinical Board. It’s hugely beneficial having this group of people at your back and there is a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw on.

The CPD is good too. We have two new mixed grads on the IVC Evidensia New Graduate Academy programme. They both absolutely love it. They feel it’s a fantastic introduction to practice and enjoy the networking as well as the education.”

Jim Hopkins BVetMed MRCVS, Steffan Vets

A completely different approach

“It was a completely different approach to what we had experienced previously when looking at joining a corporate. We liked the people we were talking to and the approach they have.

As a mixed practice that does farm work, in Northern Ireland, you probably wouldn’t think of us as the 'regular' type of practice to join. But there’s a passionate and growing farm community within IVC and I’m very happy with the choice I made.

Today we are still running the same, but with better support and resources to utilise. Our practice’s opinions not only get listened to, but acted upon and there are so many more possibilities for the practice, the team and our clients today. I won’t be leaving the practice any time soon and I’m excited by what the future has in store as IVC practices continue to reap the benefits of a dynamic strategy to assist us in looking after pets and production animals.” 

Melanie Spahn MRCVS, Glenshane Vets

I'm proud to be on the IVC Evidensia farm board

"When considering selling, my partners and I felt that IVC Evidensia were much further on the journey of understanding and accurately supporting mixed practices, and we have not been disappointed.

They have separate farm, equine and small animal clinical advisory boards - and that matters. I’m delighted and proud to be 1 of 12 vets that make up the IVC Evidensia Farm Board. We’re quite a diverse bunch covering the whole of the UK and all variations of farm work.

Day to day things have continued as normal for our clients, as we continue to run things locally. The clue’s in the name ‘independent’ because we are, yet lots of new opportunities have arisen thanks to being part of such a responsive group.

When I do finally retire I know our practice will be in safe hands, within a community of likeminded practices all pulling together resources and expertise for the greater veterinary good.”

John Blackwell BVCs MRCVS, Brownlow Vets

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