Role and purpose within IVC Evidensia Equine Vets

The Equine Clinical Board is not only fundamental to our equine mission, it supports all our equine vet teams across our diverse network. To ensure our diverse portfolio of practices and staff within them are accurately represented, our Equine Clinical Board is purposefully made up of an equal split of first opinion and referral practice vets. All clinical board members are experienced equine vets who are fervent about continually developing and improving the lives and careers of our equine teams in practice, as well as positively influencing the profession.

The board exists to provide our equine veterinary teams with a forum to discuss, advise and decide on matters related to the group as a whole, encompassing both clinical and non clinical areas. Working groups are made up of board members and draw on the expertise of central support staff in Finance, IT, HR, Learning & Development, Marketing and Procurement. These working groups exist to support and drive key remits:


  • Career support & development 
  • Marketing & Recruitment 

Equine collaborations

As part of the IVC Evidensia Equine Vets’ mission, we are committed to supporting and facilitating the development of clinical and leadership skills across all our equine teams, present and future. The Equine Clinical Board have been fundamental in the advancement and execution of key collaborations to this end.