"I’ve had people recommend their friends to roles with us at IVC Evidensia because they had such a good experience with me, which was really rewarding!"

- Talent Partner, Megan Dawson
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Can you tell us about your career path and what led you to work with IVC Evidensia?

I went to university at Northumbria in Newcastle. I studied entrepreneurial business management there for three years. In the beginning, I started my own baking business making brownies, but I decided I wanted to utilise those skills I had developed, like building relationships somewhere I could make a real difference. I started looking into different career paths and came across an opportunity at a specialist recruitment agency within facilities management. I quickly progressed to a recruitment consultant and although I was enjoying it I wanted to find somewhere I could develop more within my own career and get a better work/life balance too. When I came across the opportunity with IVC Evidensia to work as part of the talent team about a year ago, I knew I loved animals and thought this could be a really rewarding challenge.

During the pandemic, so much of the world stopped but the veterinary industry didn't. It's been very meaningful to support the practices during this time and explore where we can add value and lead change within the profession, for example how we can improve mental health with flexible working. It's been important as well to identify how we can continually support candidates to make sure they're settling in and happy once they start their new job. Saying thank you to everyone for their hard work during that difficult time of lockdown has been a priority, and part of that has been making it clear we can be flexible for everyone to allow you to have that ideal work/life balance, and to feel fulfilled both inside and outside of work.

Could you tell me a little bit more about your role and what you do?

I'm a Talent Partner for the South and I look after around 25 practices. My role covers nurses, vets, clinical directors, and practice managers. I partner with my practices, area directors and the area support managers to identify what makes that role unique and to communicate that to help the right people find a role that fits them.
I keep in touch with people who I’ve developed relationships with, usually after three months I check in to see how they’re settling in. I'm passionate about the relationships I’ve built with my candidates and practices, listening to them, and building that trust.

Do you find working in the veterinary industry very different compared to what you were doing before?

Both the facilities management and veterinary sector are niche industries and they come with similarities and differences. In every industry, my priority is making sure every individual has had the best experience possible, but in the veterinary industry, you’re not dealing with a high volume of candidates, so you do have more time to invest in building a rapport with them in order to develop a trusting relationship.

I’ve had people recommend their friends to roles with us at IVC Evidensia because they had such a good experience with me, which was really rewarding!

I’ve learned so much about the veterinary industry, especially about the specialist language and the experiences of our clinical staff. Whilst I'm not clinical, I have a good understanding of what their day-to-day looks like for vets and nurses.

What motivates you in your work?

The practices really, they’re the heart of it all. I've got such a good relationship with them and when you get that perfect placement it is really rewarding. Not only for the practice who have that new member of their team but also for that candidate who has their dream new job, and other benefits like an increased salary, flexible working, or progression. It feels very worthwhile.

Work is a big part of all our lives, so knowing that I’m making a difference to people, helping them find the right role they can flourish in, is a great feeling.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

I keep coming back to it, but I just love developing those relationships, that's what I'm good at. Knowing that my practices and candidates trust me and feel able to speak freely to me and share their feelings is really meaningful.

What would you want someone considering joining IVC Evidensia to know?

We are a large network, but all our practices still have that family feel to them. IVC Evidensia is there to support people and give them professional development, including any advanced learning or CPD that they feel passionate about, - to help them achieve their potential. It’s an environment where we all work together to help people develop and progress.

Our flexible working commitment is great, particularly because there are a lot of working parents in the veterinary industry, both vets and nurses. We recognise that life is more than just work, and we’re constantly working to ensure everyone gets to enjoy that balance.

What do you like to do in your spare time to unwind?

I love baking, obviously! I enjoy going for walks. I live near the sea, so on those lighter nights, it's nice to go out after work and enjoy a seaside walk. I’m looking to get a dog; it just feels wrong for me to work within the veterinary industry and not actually have a pet! We’re planning to get a golden retriever because they’re just such lovely dogs. I enjoy yoga and taking the time to prioritise my mental health as well.

[Puppy pictures have been promised]