"For me, the best part is when I get someone into a role that they love. I know they’re making a difference to the animals and their owners, and there's really nothing better than that!"

- Marcus Alphonso, Talent Partner

Can you tell us about your career path and what led you to your current role with the Talent Team?

I started in recruitment in 2018 working for an agency hiring locum and permanent vets. I spent a few years there, but when I saw this role come up at IVC Evidensia I knew it would be a better fit for me, because I found working on the permanent roles more fulfilling.

In my role now I look after first-opinion recruitment in the Leeds and Yorkshire area, and I can really see the difference I make to the lives of people who are looking for jobs, and the practices as well. I get to build relationships  with my practices and when you help someone find that perfect placement it is really satisfying

The veterinary industry is quite unique, and I enjoy the challenge that provides. I find it interesting getting to know a practice, speaking to the teams, and then finding them the right candidate

When I speak to vets and nurses there's so much I learn about what goes into their work which is fascinating. I’ll get to know every candidate, which is easy to do because they all have such interesting backgrounds. It’s always rewarding to get an understanding as to what their long-term career goals are as well, and to find out what they love about their job!

How would you describe the goals of the wider talent team?

We have been building relationships with our practices, to successfully become an extension of their team. We use that relationship and connection to support candidates looking to find the right role for their careers. I feel like a key part of each practice, and we are very connected.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

For me, the best part is when I get someone into a role that they love. I know they’re making a difference to the animals and their owners, and there's really nothing better than that! It matters to know that you’re making a difference.

We get the opportunity to help build up our teams, and the satisfaction of knowing that we have found candidates the right role for them too.

What are vets and nurses looking to find out more about when they speak to you?

It varies a lot, but a common theme is what we offer in terms of career development. It could be certificates, the caseload, or the facilities. Whatever someone is looking for, we are here to help find them that perfect match.
At IVC Evidensia, we are very focused on supporting people’s careers, and a key focus for us within that is offering flexibility. Whatever the reason someone may have for wanting to do so, we support people that want to work flexibly. It’s important to us to offer that support and flexibility. Having that support to work flexibly while still having career progression and opportunities is something that people find attractive about coming to work with us.

What kind of skills and knowledge do you bring to your role?

I’m a people person, and I really enjoy speaking to people and building relationships, it’s so important when you’re speaking to candidates and practices.

I enjoy listening to people and hearing about their passion for their work, which allows me to identify the best possible fit within the opportunities we may have available.

I have that variety of experience and industry knowledge from working in veterinary recruitment before as well, which makes it easier for me to connect with people and understand what they’re looking for.

Do you have any pets?

My partner and I have just moved in together so getting a cat is on the To-Do List! We really want to get one, I’m a massive cat person, and I grew up with cats all my life. We’re lucky in our neighbourhood, everyone has cats here and they're very social. One of the local cats always comes in for a cuddle and a drink of water.

And what do you like to do in your spare time?

I'm a huge film fanatic, I love film and TV. I’m always going to the cinema and watching the latest films. My favourite film is probably Black Hawk Down, it's a great film.

City or countryside?


Dogs or cats?

Cats of course!

Tea or Coffee?


City break or beach holiday?

It's going to be a beach holiday.