Journey to head vet nurse: Katrina shares her path to White House Vets and the supportive team she's part of there

Head nurse at White House Vets, Katrina Davis, shares insights into her remarkable 20-year journey in the veterinary field. From her early days as a clinical nursing manager to becoming a lecturer and OSCE examiner she tells us about these different experiences in the veterinary industry. With a passion for teaching and coaching, she’s a key part of the team at White House Vets.

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Can you tell us about your career path and how you came to work at White House Vets as head nurse?

My journey in the veterinary field spans over 20 years, starting as the clinical nursing manager at my first practice. Throughout my career, I've worn various hats, including lecturing at a veterinary nurse college, serving as an OSCE examiner, and working as an internal verifier. I'm also a clinical coach, and my passion for veterinary care has led me to the exciting role of head nurse at White House Vets!

What motivates you to work in the veterinary industry?

The veterinary industry has always been my calling! The daily variety, the profound sense of fulfilment in contributing to the well-being of beloved pets, and the opportunity to collaborate with a caring and hardworking team make it not just a job, but a vocation that I find incredibly rewarding.

Can you tell me more about the practice and the team, and what it’s like to work there?

White House Vets has a distinctive and warm family feel. Despite my relatively short time there—just under a year - I was welcomed into the team with open arms. There's an openness to new ideas which fosters a supportive small-team environment, where support is always there. It's a place where everyone's contributions are valued.

What kinds of cases do you see at the practice?

The practice handles a diverse range of cases, with a primary focus on dogs and cats. This diversity keeps the work interesting and provides a dynamic setting that challenges and enriches our skills.

What are your favourite things about working at White House Vets?

One of the standout aspects is the genuine care demonstrated by the team for our patients. The fair and open leadership ensures a positive working environment, making each day fulfilling and enjoyable.

What do you feel the practice has to offer that someone thinking of joining might not know about?

White House Vets is more than just a workplace; we're supportive and welcoming and there’s a commitment to being an excellent place for personal and professional growth.

What do you enjoy about the local area?

The local area, with its beautiful scenery and inviting walking paths, complements the positive experience of working at White House Vets. It's a community-oriented place to be.

What hobbies and interests do you have outside of work?

Beyond my professional life, I have a few different hobbies. Whether it's walking, running, attending gym classes, gardening, or exploring National Trust sites and gardens, I find joy in staying active.

What are you proudest of in your veterinary career so far?

I’m proud of the diverse roles I've done, from becoming a clinical nursing manager to achieving qualifications in teaching and coaching. Each step has contributed to my growth and deepened my commitment to the field of veterinary care.

Tell us about your pet!

I share my life with Tigger, the ‘ginger ninja’. Turning 24 next year, he's my beautiful boy, and the bond we share is a real testament to the joys that come with a life enriched by the company of animals.