What is the IVC Evidensia Care Fund?

The IVC Evidensia Care Fund is an annual allowance provided by the group that can be accessed by vet professionals for cases where the prognosis is good and the treatment is available, but where the cost of treatment is beyond the pet owner’s reach.

Since it launched in early 2021, the Care Fund has been responsible for saving upwards of 7,500 animals worldwide. It has been particularly empowering for vet professionals to utilise, as they are able to provide a positive outcome to a case.

Support offered through the Care Fund is vital for giving vet professionals a broad array of options during extremely challenging cases and increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Being able to access additional financial assistance at such an important time can make all the difference, allowing a pet to get much-needed treatment and make a full recovery.

Care Fund Case Study: Leo the Springer Spaniel

Leo, an 18-month-old Springer Spaniel, fell seriously ill after swallowing a stone which became lodged in his small intestine.

Examinations at Isle Vet Group in Cambridgeshire revealed the blockage, and the only option was emergency surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery would have taken the costs beyond what the family could afford. 

It looked like euthanasia may have to be considered when vet Alastair Barnes stepped in to use the IVC Evidensia Care Fund to save the puppy’s life. The surgery was successfully carried out at the practice and, following overnight care, Leo was able to be discharged the following morning.

You can read more about Leo’s story here.