"They say you do what you love, and you never feel like you're working, which has definitely been my experience!"

- Saskia Walmsley, RVN, Mulbery Vets
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Can you tell us about your experience of joining the team at Mulberry Vets?

I’m a newly graduated RVN, I graduated in July this year, and started at Mulberry in August. The team were very welcoming from the start. I remember coming in for my interview and everyone was so lovely, I mean. They wanted to get to know me and invited me out socially with the rest of the team - Amanda our head nurse even invited me to her wedding after only knowing me for three weeks! Everyone gets on well and we have a good time together.

What motivated you to work in the veterinary industry in the first place? 

I've always loved animals, especially dogs. Growing up my nan had lots of cats, so I've always been around so many animals. I feel a deep love for animals and there was nothing that else that I could envision myself doing for a job. They say you do what you love, and you never feel like you're working, which has definitely been my experience! 

What’s that experience been like, going from being a student nurse to working as an RVN in a practice? 

It’s a big change because you do have a lot of responsibility, but especially during the last year of university you’re transitioning between being a student and a professional. The team here have been very supportive and helped me put my learning into practice, especially with things like anaesthesia, making sure I felt comfortable and knew there were people around me if I needed any advice. 

I do feel much more confident now. Once you push yourself out of that initial comfort zone and become practised, it gets easy. And everyone here supports you to do things and be involved because they know that it's going to make you a better nurse. I’m definitely a lot more assured now.

I’ve just started running puppy parties, so I’m looking into doing some further puppy and canine behaviour learning in the future.

What would it be helpful for someone thinking about joining the practice to know about what it’s like working there? 

There is a great team of people here, and if someone is looking for a role where they can develop, for example, if they’re a new grad, there are a lot of people ready to support them. We have quite a strong focus on dental here, so dentistry if someone is interested in learning more about dental work this might be the place. We have really good facilities and most of us here had the chance to work with a dental specialist, so there is the opportunity to share some interesting information they might not so easily get anywhere else. 

If someone's wanting to join, that's maybe a got bit more experience there is an opportunity for making your own mark and branching out to the community here.

We have a fair rota and a good work/life balance here. I recently changed to work longer days to allow me to have an extra day off during the week, and that’s made a big difference in terms of how I feel I’m working and how much time I have for myself.

What are your favourite things to work on?

I love anything to do with wounds which might sound a bit gross! We had a wound in today, and once it’s been treated it’s basically like a makeover. It’s satisfying to see when it’s been cleaned, and you know that patient is feeling better. 

I also enjoy consults and interacting with clients, just because it's a nice chance to get to know people and meet lots of cute little animals!

How do you unwind after work?

There’s a few of us here who like to go out and have drinks or go to the cinema. I’m trying to get one of the girls here to go with me to see the new Scream film with me, but she’s too worried it’ll be scary! 

Can you tell us about your own pets?

I have two Labradors. One is just over a year and she’s called Bumble, and the other is ten and she’s called Button. They love to go on walks in the area, and they love to go to the beach which is nearby. They also love to eat!

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Our ideal candidate is an experienced Vet who understands the financial aspects of running a veterinary clinic and can work in tandem with our Practice Director. Day-to-day duties involve acting in the role of clinical lead, consulting, operating, and handling clinical complaints

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We are looking for a new Graduate Veterinary Surgeon. Join the IVC Evidensia Graduate Academy 2023 and find the very best start to your veterinary career.   

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Splitting your time between Sites in Suffolk and Peterborough, the role will require you to provide Referral Dentistry care across dogs, cats, rabbits, small furries and any further species you are comfortable operating on.

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Mulberry Vets in Sudbury have a fantastic opportunity for a veterinary surgeon to join our well-established practice. You will have access to a varied caseload with both surgical and medical cases, and will split your day with a blend of consults and surgery.

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