"Knowing that I’ve been able to support someone on that road means a lot to me, and I really enjoy getting to talk to people about their dreams"

- Ryan Powell, Talent Partner
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Can you tell us about how you came to work at IVC Evidensia?

I started in a recruitment agency working with locums. I was there for about three and a half years. I’ve always enjoyed bringing new people on board and supporting them, which is what I get to do here. Working with permanent staff means I get to follow people on their journeys and support them throughout that, which I find rewarding. I joined IVC Evidensia in August and I’m loving it. Supporting people into permanent roles is very rewarding because you’re seeing people start new careers and the excitement that comes with it. Getting to follow people’s journeys from start to finish makes me really enjoy working in recruitment.

Could you tell us more about your role?

My role is focused on developing emerging talent and offering career pathways for the next generation of referral clinicians, with a particular focus on internships and residencies at IVC Evidensia. I’m here to support emerging talent who often come to us early in their careers, and we can be there to guide them as they explore their passions. For example, I work with people to ensure that the internship they choose is the right fit for their future aspirations. If they're looking to specialise in a particular discipline, it's important to ensure they’re going down the best route, as they’re going to be dedicating a lot of their time to reaching that specialism.

I’m there in an advisory capacity in many ways. I can make suggestions and support people using my experience and insight from previous interns who have progressed to residency status and then successfully become a diplomat or a specialist.  I also support international candidates, guiding them through the entire emigration progress including visa sponsorship etc, and making things as easy as we can for them to make the move.

You must have developed a strong knowledge base, supporting people with such specific career paths, is that something you find rewarding?

My role is all about working with people and building connections with them. I find it incredibly rewarding that I’m helping people on their career journeys, including those that progress to specialism - which is a long process to ultimately become very skilled in a specific area.

Knowing that I’ve been able to support someone on that road means a lot to me, and I really enjoy getting to talk to people about their dreams. I get to see people achieve their goals and watch them develop and succeed in their chosen paths.

For those people that make the move to join us from abroad, I get to know I’ve made that process easier for them. They get to enjoy all the benefits and exciting things about coming to a new country, without the stress.

What motivates you?

At the end of the day, my job is about helping people fulfil their dreams. So much of our life is dedicated to our career, no matter what job you're in. When I’m working to support someone, whether they’re looking for a year contract or a residency (which is three years), that’s such a big chunk of someone’s life, and it’s meaningful for me to know I do the best I can for them and give them the best opportunity to gain the position they want.
I also know that we are often the first place people come to when looking for new opportunities and opportunities to develop, and I get to work with them to ensure they have the best opportunity going into an interview to succeed and gain success in that role.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I enjoy seeing people grow and develop in their roles and being a small part of supporting them in their journeys. The clinical staff I work with are all very passionate, and that's why they go into these disciplines. It’s amazing to see how willing to learn they are, and how they want to progress in their career and become the best vet that they can be. I get to talk to a lot of different people which I enjoy, learning about their future goals. It puts life into perspective that people are looking so many years into the future with their careers. I’ve always been a more day-to-day thinker, so to see these incredible people working in such challenging and rewarding roles, who are thinking so far ahead, it's just amazing to see.

It sounds like you get to see people throughout their careers and follow that progression.

I work with people at all different stages of their career journeys, and I do see the same people come back to me when they’re moving on to the next exciting step. It’s rewarding, and it’s also great to see, for example, that someone enjoyed working at a specific hospital enough to want to return. Across the group, I see many rotating and discipline-specific interns looking to carry on within the same hospital which is very nice to see. It confirms to me that we are placing people into great teams where they are having a good experience with us. Ensuring opportunities for progression, whatever the stage of your career you’re in, is a key part of what we do.

And do you have any pets yourself?

I have two Guinea pigs called Finn and Jake, and a 13-year-old Akita dog called Kia.  

What do you like to do in your spare time outside of work when you're kind of unwinding and relaxing?

I used to do a lot of MMA and Thai boxing. I enjoy playing board games, going to the gym and for walks. My life changed quite a lot recently because my partner and I have just had a baby, so my time is mainly all taken up by her!

Being able to work flexibly has become even more important to me after having my baby girl, and I’m proud to be part of an organisation that offers flexible working opportunities to everyone. I’m able to spend more time with my daughter and partner because of that support to work flexibly. It makes balancing my work life and family life so much easier and gives me more opportunities to see those milestones in my daughter’s life.