"We're all very down to earth. We don't expect to be treated any differently based on our roles, and we're all prepared to play our part and do whatever's needed to make the day run smoothly"

- Clinical director, vet, and local resident Ros Wadsworth
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Rosalind Wadsworth is passionate about all that Sundean Veterinary group has to offer and with good reason.

The practices have served the local Lydney area for as long as many local residents can remember, and clinical director and veterinary surgeon Ros has been a fundamental part of that for more than ten years. When summing up the practice ethos, Ros defines inclusivity as a foundation “it is very, very inclusive. I think everybody feels they can speak up and share ideas and that those ideas will be supported. There's definite scope for people to develop in their roles and utilise their strengths.”

Working as a tight-knit, friendly team all the staff at Sundean are given the opportunity to develop their careers and excel.

The nursing team recently completed a valuable animal CPR training course, which was so successful it will soon be extended to the wider reception team as well.
“It’s great when people discover new things and bring new information in...continuity of care is vital, especially when you're in a rural area like this because you genuinely are part of the community. We have some very bonded clients that we've been seeing for years, and we see generations of their animals coming through.”

Being able to give the best possible standard of animal care is something that all the team members care about to their core, and getting to regularly care for the community’s beloved animal companions throughout their lives clearly means a lot to the team.

Each Sundean practice has its own character, with state-of-the-art equipment tucked inside charming practices in the heart of each town. Ros shares just a few of the cases she’s seen recently.

“We looked after a dog that had swallowed a big needle that made its way into its stomach. My colleague Freya did an ex-lap and a gastrotomy to remove it from its stomach, and the dog recovered really well. Today, I've seen a little four-month-old pug puppy with cherry eye which we've repaired. I had a cat in today and took nine teeth out, with access to our dental X-ray.”

On top of this, our teams are encouraged to pursue their specialist interests; Ros has a keen interest in ophthalmology and regularly uses the practice’s tonometer and slit-lamp to perform her examinations.

Providing the highest quality care to all their patients is what drives the staff at Sundean, and ensuring continuity of care is a real priority...

The same cat Ros mentioned needing dental extractions, had also recently been at the practice suffering from jaundice, and he benefitted from a visiting specialist to support the team. Ros described the experience.

“He had lost a lot of weight and become jaundiced. A visiting ultrasound specialist aspirated the cat’s gallbladder. After we put him on antibiotics as well, he made a lovely recovery!”.

There are so many stories like this unfolding daily at Sundean, where the dedicated team work hard to take care of their community’s cherished animal companions. The close-knit culture is important to everyone at the practice,

“Everybody feels that they can speak up and share ideas and that those ideas will be listened to...the team are very supportive, and we'll always rally around, whether that's offering to help do something for someone, inviting them out for lunch, or buying them flowers to celebrate.”

There’s clearly a focus on the details here, whether that’s getting to know the clients across generations of beloved family pets, or buying your teammate a coffee to brighten their day...

In the sun-lit forests of the Wye Valley, a short distance from the three Sundean practices, it’s not all about work. Just a few of the activities easily available include mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, running, and of course visiting local pubs and restaurants. The Wye Valley is a designated area of outstanding natural beauty and boasts the River Wye, voted the Nation’s favourite river in 2010. It is a haven of unspoilt beauty and peace. 

Of course, to enjoy these offerings you need to have a good balance of work and life, which Sundean is proud to prioritise. Focusing on flexibility and fairness is key to the team at Sundean, with everyone being allowed to work around their own life commitments and hobbies. Out-of-hours support is provided outside the practices by Wood Veterinary Hospital in Quedgeley, ensuring the local community is never without a vet when they need one. Sundean is at the heart of that community and the local pet owners clearly really value all they do.

"Our clients want to find out what options there are available and what we can offer for their animal. They really are bonded to us, and I think they come in sometimes just to chat with reception because it’s such a nice welcoming crowd here!” That team spirit is fostered by a thriving social life, with team bowling trips and dinners out together.

Community and care are at the heart of Sundean. 

When asked what she is most proud of in her work, Ros takes a minute to think and answers with absolute confidence.

"It’s a group achievement but I’ve been lucky enough to gather a really good bunch of people around that are great to work with. We're all very down to earth. We don't expect to be treated any differently based on our roles, and we're all prepared to play our part and do whatever's needed to make the day run as smoothly as possible. Everybody's thinking about the rest of the team, and it just makes for a really nice working atmosphere where we are supportive of one another”. 

This compassion, care, and team-work are what make Sundean so special. 

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Join the IVC Evidensia Graduate Academy and our supportive team at Sundean in Lydney, with the opportunity to work with three potential certificate holders in exotics, opthalmology, and imaging.

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The welcoming team at Sundean invites applications from vet surgeons to apply for an exciting development opportunity to join us

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At our well-equipped Lydney practice you will see a great mix of both routine, medical and surgical cases working alongside one of our  Veterinary Surgeons, who has a certificate in Opthalmology and is working towards a certificate in Diagnostic Imaging.

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