"Our people are what make IVC Evidensia stand out. We have a wealth of talent here, and everyone is committed to helping each other to work collaboratively. We have a real team spirit"

- Mike Burrell, Talent Partner
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Can you tell us about your career path and how you came to work with IVC Evidensia?

I began working in IT recruitment, which was very fast-paced. I enjoyed it but decided I wanted to work in internal recruitment where I could really focus on that candidate journey. I felt the veterinary industry would be really interesting, and something new for me. Working at IVC Evidensia I knew I could make a difference, and that it was something I wanted to be a part of. I’ve been at IVC Evidensia for around a year and a half, and it's been a really great experience.

My role is a mix of stakeholder engagement and working with candidates. Every practice you work with is individual and has its own unique elements, and it’s my job to communicate that clearly to potential applicants. I’m also speaking to candidates and having conversations about what they’re looking for, learning about their aspirations, and matching them with the right opportunities.  

Do you enjoy speaking to all the different people interested in joining us?

Yes definitely. A big thing I've noticed is that there’s a really good mix of people here. It’s a very international industry so I get to speak to people from across the world, including in South Africa, Australia,  New Zealand and across Europe.

What motivates you in your work?

I know the impact it has when someone starts in that new perfect role, both for candidates and the people in the teams that new colleagues are joining.  It's amazing seeing the difference that one candidate can make in practice when they join the right team.

Probably my favourite part of the job is finding someone that’s perfect for a role and knowing that role is what they're after too. Maybe they've come from somewhere they're not getting the work/life balance they need, or the opportunity to develop. We can find them a role that suits their needs and allows them to flourish. For someone getting a new job, that's a massive change to their personal life and can be very meaningful. That makes the job worthwhile for me.

Being able to see the process from someone job hunting to being settled in a new role is amazing. I keep in contact even after they start the job to be sure we're continuing to support them with what they need. I get to see these people succeed, often I see them come back to me when they're in leadership positions themselves, and I’m speaking to them when they're hiring for their practice!

What would you want readers to know about what it's like working at IVC?

There’s a real opportunity for progression. So if you are keen on doing a certain type of surgery or focusing on a different specialism, the backing is there from IVC Evidensia. Whatever your goals and preferences, that will be encouraged and there's the backing and opportunities for training and development.

What do you see vets and nurses getting most excited about when they're looking at our offering?

Our people are what make IVC Evidensia stand out.  We have a wealth of talent here, and everyone is committed to helping each other to work collaboratively. We have a real team spirit. Candidates are also really interested in the work/life balance we offer. Flexibility is something we recognise is important to people. We understand that every candidate is different and although we are a part of their life, their life is not just their career. Whether someone is returning to work from maternity leave or wants to work around school hours or evenings, or even nights, we can support them.

Do you have any pets?

I grew up with a Jack Russell called Danny and he's still going at the age of 13. He’s still very much a puppy in spirit. He lives with my mum now, but I still see him regularly.

What do you like to do in your spare time to unwind?

I’m in Scotland, so we've got the most amazing views on the doorstep. I spend a lot of time up hills from the Scottish Borders, the Scottish Highlands, to something more local. I enjoy Thai boxing as well. My happy place would be the Pentland Hills, you come out of the city and you’re straight into the wilderness. I enjoy reading - I love a spy novel!

City or countryside?


Dogs or cats?


Tea or coffee?


Reading a book or watching a film?

Reading a book.