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Farm animal vet and Country Head of Farm Animal Paul Horwood
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The way we all think about work and how it fits into our lives has changed massively in the last few years, and IVC Evidensia is leading the way in enacting that transformation within the veterinary sector. We are dedicated to offering a sustainable and supportive work/life balance and are demonstrating that commitment by investing seriously in the well-being and development of our colleagues.

Farm 24 is IVC Evidensia’s innovative new approach to farm vet out-of-hours service provision, supporting our farm vets to work flexibly and in a way that works for them. Following the hugely successful approach to dedicated out-of-hours services pioneered by Vets Now, part of IVC Evidensia, Farm 24 takes the night shift requirement away from daytime staff, with overnight emergency farm vets coming instead from the Farm 24 service.

Offering dedicated out-of-hours support on a trial basis to farmers across Shropshire, this brand-new approach ensures that daytime staff are supported to work flexibly, to have the space to focus on their daily work, and to continue to provide a high standard of care for our valued clients.Farm 24 also ensures a balanced working routine for the out-of-hours vets, who will be working a rota of one week on followed by one week off. The seasonality of farm work is a key component too, understanding that there will be periods where demand is much higher, such as in Spring.

Country Head of Farm Animal, Paul Horwood shares why he feels so passionately about the opportunity this unique approach to farm animal out-of-hours work provides.

“By separating the working lives of our out-of-hours vets and the vets working during the day, we know we will improve the work-life balance of all our farm vets.”

Working patterns for farm animal vets have been the same for a very long time, but IVC Evidensia are confident that change is the way forward. 

“A traditional farm animal rota is an approach to working that was perhaps invented over a hundred years ago, and that may well have worked a hundred years ago, but is it still what we want today? From the research and focus groups we’ve done to understand the wants and needs of our teams, we’re finding that it’s not what everyone wants.”

The goal is to support the well-being and work/life balance of all our farm vets and to ensure the highest standard of care for our clients.

“People want flexibility, and flexibility doesn't mean the same thing for everyone… what we’re offering, is the chance to fit your job to your life, rather than the other way around.”

The IVC Evidensia network is key to the success of this approach to preserving flexibility and well-being for farm vets.

“Logistically, in order to have an out-of-hours service, you need a number of vets within a geographical area, to make it feasible to run the service. That’s something that the lVC Evidensia Farm network can do to provide a valuable service for our clients.”

Flexible working means something different to everyone, whether it’s changing your working pattern to support caring responsibilities or working compressed hours to give you time to pursue your favourite hobby, or something different. For many farm vets, the opportunity to work one week on/one week off with Farm 24, will be an attractive opportunity.

“We want people to be able to work in a way that works for them” Paul affirms, “our hope is that with Farm 24 we are removing the obstacles that might make it difficult for people to stay in farm animal work; we can fit the job to you and to your life outside of work.”

A balance of work and life is key to everyone’s well-being, but it’s also true that a non-traditional working pattern shouldn’t hold you back from your career development. IVC Evidensia are committed to offering both, and Paul is proud of the opportunity Farm 24 offers to vets and clients for an improved service.

“Now is the time in the profession that we need to be asking ourselves, ‘what more can we be doing?’ Just because something has always been a certain way, doesn’t mean we have to accept that this is the way we are doing it for the next generation”.

Farm 24 ensures the practice team can focus on daytime consultations, with the standalone out-of-hours service concentrating on night-time and weekend emergencies. The benefit isn’t just for our vets either.

"Our clients want a reliable, good vet to arrive quickly and help them with their problems. This service ensures a vet who has specifically chosen to do out-of-hours is coming out to these emergencies, and that client will still have a strong relationship with that vet...We are supporting our colleagues to make work work for them, in a way that benefits everyone.”

This balanced approach to out-of-hours work for farm vets is one that IVC Evidensia hopes will lead to a new era in the lives of farm vets and their clients. Ensuring a work/life balance for all our staff, as well as the highest quality care for our patients and clients, is at the heart of everything IVC Evidensia does. Soon to begin with the first practices in Shropshire, Farm 24 is a brand-new approach to working for farm vets.

“We want you to be part of the foundation of what we’re building here together, to give the best service to our clients, to give you the best balance of work and life, and to support your career growth and personal wellbeing”

We are looking for two farm Veterinary Surgeons who are confident in farm emergencies to kick-start the new service: apply now


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