"It's a very friendly and very supportive atmosphere. Everyone gets to know each other so we get on very well"

- Ellis Fenwick, Vet at Mulberry Vets

Can you tell us about how you came to work at Mulberry Vets and what your experience has been of working as part of the team there?

I grew up in the area local to Mulberry vets, but I went to RVC in London for university. When it came time to choose a clinical placement, I contacted Mulberry. I came initially for six weeks in January 2020, and then I returned the following January 2021, I was keen to come back because I saw some really interesting things. It was my first clinical placement as an EMS student, and the staff were always very friendly.

The practice was busy, but everyone was still ready to give time to help me learn, they were very supportive and I learned a lot. At that time, we had a dental specialist working with us too, which really began my interest in dentistry, which I’m continuing to pursue here. So when it came to my final year at university, I was definitely keen to be part of the IVC Evidensia Grad Academy, because I had such a good experience at the practice  - and here I am and it’s great!

The practice was founded by a dental specialist, so everyone here has a bit of a passion for dental work! Donna the Practice Director is great, she’s an RVN, and she’s been here since day one.

Can you tell us more about your experience with the IVC Evidensia Graduate Academy?

It’s been a fantastic, structured introduction to my career as a vet. I think without that support I might’ve found it more difficult to develop my confidence. But there are always people here to ask questions, and if you have a more general query there’s someone to contact at the Grad Academy.

It’s so helpful that my CPD is organised for me, and if I’m travelling somewhere I don't have to worry about the logistics, it’s all arranged. I’ve had a really good experience with the Grad Academy. I like that it's so organised and structured for my first couple of years as a vet, because it is such a big change from being a student to a working professional, so having that extra support makes a difference.

What was it that motivated you to work in the veterinary industry in the first place?

It was a combination of things, at the core is the fact that I just really love animals. I love working with animals, but I also like the medical and scientific side of things. When I was at school, I was considering the careers that would bring that together and obviously being a vet is the best combination of those things. I have a strong interest in science and medicine, and in working with animals as well. I do also like working with people, and this is a job where you get to speak to lots of different people which I like, but it’s the animals that are the focus for me.

What do you like working on most in your role?

We really enjoy our dental work here. We have a wonderfully equipped dental suite, with great facilities and it’s something I find very interesting and rewarding to work on.

How would you describe the feeling at the practice?

I really like working with the team here at Mulberry Vets. It's a very friendly and very supportive atmosphere. Everyone gets to know each other so we get on very well. If you've got a question to ask everyone's very supportive, and we discuss our cases and our patients.

We do a lot of things socially outside of work too, which I really enjoy. I think that helps the teamwork dynamic. I feel supported to know my own strengths and those of the rest of the team. Having that support and balance makes it a great place to work.

What do you like about the local area?

It’s a lovely, quaint rural town, and the surrounding area is very pretty. We have the water meadows, which is a wooded area with an open field - I personally like to go there for picnics and things in the summer, or for barbecues with friends. There's also the river, where you can kayak and there's several nice pubs along the river as well.

We’ve also got some really nice independent cafes and restaurants which do nice cocktails. There is an active nightlife if you’re interested in that side of things. You’ve got Colchester and Ipswich within half an hour as well, if you’re wanting to go somewhere a bit busier. It’s very easy to get to London on the train, in just over an hour or so.

What are the clients like – do you see a lot of people coming back?

We do have a lot of long-standing clients; I think they really appreciate the Pet Health Plan scheme we do here, which helps them manage the cost of visits. They appreciate coming in for their vet and their nurse checks with the Plan.

For example, I saw a client today that I'd also seen on Saturday, so you get that continuity with cases. I have a few clients that I’m on first name-terms with which is nice, and I think people like to build that bond with us.  
If we do have an emergency case come in, the animal’s family are always so grateful for our help.
People are very friendly towards us and they trust that we care for their animals and that we’ll always try our hardest to care for their pet. Clients often bring by thank you cards, which is really sweet because you know that they've taken time out of their day to do that.

What do you like to do after work to unwind?

I’m a keen swimmer, I swam competitively at school and I still love it. We’ve got a nice gym with a good-sized pool just down the road here, and I also really enjoy reading.

Can you tell us about your own animals?

I have a nine-year-old cockapoo called Teddy. He is a very sweet boy but he is slightly anxious which I think has helped me in developing my skills working with nervous dogs, just from my own personal experience. His favourite thing to do is a nice walk along the meadows.

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